Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Brian McGrory fitfully tries to work up some

man-luve for Charlie Baker, but gives up in the end with the plaintive wish that the former CEO of Harvard Pilgrim would be nicer somehow.
Well, he once tried to pump up Scary Kerry Healey as "a nice girl" back in 2006, so at least Brian is consistent.
Otherwise it is October in a Massachusetts gubernatorial election cycle and once again, Brian McGrory is out there by the light of the moon searching ineffectually for a moderate republican to worship.
So far he has found nothing, but he'll check under every polished flagstone in Needham til he finds one, never fear.
Meanwhile this little howler seems to be the key excerpt from Brian's effusion in today's Globe:
"There is a point to all of this. Baker arrived in this gubernatorial race with greater potential than any candidate since Mitt Romney in 2002, admired for what he had done and celebrated for where he wanted to go."
Ghod with Brian it is always about Mitt Romney and the mythical moderate Man on Horseback who is ride in and Save Us All from the State Legislature. Honestly Brian is all nostalgic for the days of his painful naivete' when he fell for Romney's bullshit hook line and sinker...It sounds like he'd like to fall for Baker's rubbish if only Baker was nicer or a better public speaker or wasn't such a transparently bad liar...

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