Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is it me...?

Or does Charlie Baker's current ad-buy on TV obliquely admit to the sin of price gouging on the part of the former Harvard Pilgrim CEO?
First off the whole mood of the advert is hysterical, a snarling ranting tone that we haven't seen since Scary Kerry Healey left the stage.
Which is, among other things a pretty good indicator as to how this allegedly cool rational CEO performs under pressure...The guy starts losing his temper.
But getting back to the TV commercial, after accusing the Governor of raising taxes on everything, a bizarre placard flashes buy insisting that if health insurance premiums went up, it is because Governor Patrick approved the hike.
Maybe he did and maybe he didn't, but Governor Patrick sure as shit didn't request those premium increases, the HMOs and sundry health insurance providers did that...Charlie Baker and his pals in other words.
So is Humble Elias wrong or is he wrong?
 It sure sounds like Charlie is copping to being a greedy price gouging sumbitch, a gombeen man with his hand in everyone's damn pocket.
But that...Is only a theory you understand.

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