Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Congrats to Ayanna Pressley

once rumored to be "on her way out" of the Boston City Council she topped the ticket in last night's municipal elections and neatly refurbished her status as a "Woman of Destiny".
Just don't inhale kiddo, that is Humble Elias' advice.
As usual, the Globe etc will make much wampum about her Mayoral Prospects (whoever "tops the ticket" is instantly granted "Future Mayor" status among the local punditariat), however lets be real and note that Mayor Menino is likely to remain the dominant playa in City Politics for some time to come. I'd give him odds that barring some controversy or a health issue Menino will run for re-election next time around.
It seems crazy, Menino ran out of ideas a full decade ago and his looking awfully long in the tooth but his patented classic early 20th century brand of politics has kept him safely in office for twenty years, why stop there?
That is the context that really greets Ms. Pressley...Until Tom Menino steps aside she has risen just as far as she can go, unless she gets a yen to see the sights along the Potomac or something.
Still and all that, she gave that glass ceiling a good shaking didn't she?

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