Friday, November 18, 2011

Y'know it costs a lot of

"billable hours" for a lawyer to come up with legal justification that allows gubernatorial aides to buy back their state issued hard drives.

And there is something so quintessentially "Brand Romney" about such a move, underhanded, heavy handed and smarmy all at the same time.
And not for nothing but didn't Romney spend four full years in office ranting and raving about the nefarious back room deals and secrecy on Beacon Hill??
I mean not a week went by when the Governor's Office didn't eructate some press release denouncing the "culture of corruption" in state government.
"Culture of Corruption" indeed.
Ghod if Mike Dukakis' posse pulled a stunt like this the Howie Carr's of this state would have themselves A Jubilee.
But Mitt? Butter wouldn't melt in his mealy mouth....

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