Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Job Creation...

From Citizen Romney we are gonna hear a lot of this in the coming months.
So it is important to set the record straight.
In that Mitt Romney never created a single job by risking any of his own money.
If he did create any jobs (and his record begins and ends with the 2002 Winter Olympics which is a very unique case indeed)  it was only by the grace of the full faith and credit of Other People's Money.
Mostly he is know for loaning money to other rich white men, I'm sure he knows how to buy low, sell high and charge an arm and a leg for interest, but job creation he knows about as much as Humble Elias.
Which is why Romney's job creation program is pretty much nothing but what he knows, I.E. low taxes, lotsa loopholes and a better opportunities for financials to run amok unmolested by the public interest.
I mean, if a job is created for someone somewhere it's almost by accident.
Beyond this, the Romney record on job creation is limited to cash tips to the Dominoes Pizza Delivery Guy in Belmont Ma.

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