Sunday, November 20, 2011

Robert Maginn

last seen getting his ass kicked by Shannon O'Brien in the State Treasurer's race, is Mitt Romney and Scott Brown's joint nominee to head the State Republican Committee.
Both these guys have critical races in 2012 and need someone to run interference for them at state party headquarters.
The problem is, the GOP base in the Commonwealth (increasingly an angry tea partyish contingent) really really really hates this guy with a mortal passion.
Lord you think the Chimes at Midnight hates Romney you should see what the local wingnut bloggers are saying about Maginn.
Apparently his wife (a political refugee from the PRC) is insufficiently anti-Darwin or some damn thing...And that is just for starters.
This is bad news for a state party with little ongoing ground game and is therefore dependent on fundraising TV commercials and a smooth outreach to independents.
And all this infighting just when the GOP has a good toehold in the State Legislature and a seat in the US Congress comes into play...tsk tsk.
Well I'm a democrat so I'm used to infighting...Always interesting to see it as a pure spectator.

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