Monday, February 23, 2015

Columba Bush....

(Wife unto presumptive GOP Presidential Candidate & Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush) sure loves Her Bling. She famously tried to smuggle $19,000.00 worth of freshly purchased jewelry past customs and subsequently secured a loan to purchase another $45,000.00 worth of expensive baubles later on. Oh and did I mention she didn't live with her husband for the balance of his Governorship? At this point I suppose I SHOULD get all "Maureen Dowd" on that situation (and I'll be interested to see if the NYT Columnista gets all "Maureen Dowd" about it in due course)...but lets face facts we are never gonna know the Real Deal Here, this is the Bush Family After All and their eccentricities, embarrassments and personal flaws never seem to impact the discourse. Can't say the same about their electoral rivals though, funny how that works.

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