Friday, February 27, 2015

Having been talked out of a Third Presidential Run

no doubt by some timely threats from Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney is now "quietly" assisting the 2024 Summer Olympics Committee...per the Boston Globe of course. Mitt is there is ensure any promises regarding public improvements or desperately needed upgrades to the MBTA WILL NOT be carried out, in the Politics of Evasion at least, Romney is a master. Wealth goes with Hubris the way Peanut Butter goes with Jelly...none of these monied personages can conceive a better use for their money and talents save inflicting a costly global TV broadcast that lasts three weeks on the City of Boston. GOD FREAKIN' FORBID..than any of them, least of all Mitt Romney should apply their resources and abilities to some unheralded task like fixing the MBTA...Nope No Press Releases, Testimonials or Plaques in any of that mishaugas. Indeed has Mitt Romney ever once taken the #74 Bus from Belmont to Harvard Square and strap hung his way in town via the Red Line? instead he applies himself to the Ultimate Public Private Boondoggle while the rest of us are stuck just outside Porter Square Station while the PA system squawks incoherently. The Rich ARE different from us, they have more money and therefore more time to devote themselves to stupid feckless projects...

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