Tuesday, February 03, 2015

So Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie...

Both think childhood disease vaccinations are a sketchy iffy thing that wise parents might wish to defer or perhaps even forego. Paul is alleged to be a Medical Doctor and thus ought to be immune to this sort of rubbish while Christie until last weekend was supposedly be some sort of reality based GOP moderate...both clearly drinking the weirdo Koolaid with Lip Smacking Relish. Senator Paul even allegedly stated that childhood vaccinations were creating a native population of non carnivorous zombies...again the man is an M.D. I could (as you all know) could jump ugly on both of them for expressing a selective primitivism about a demonstrable medical-scientific fact, but instead I think I'll urge the US Media to ask Messr's Paul & Christie IF their damn kids are up to date with their vaccinations...even though I think I know the answer to be a resolute "Yes". And if the answer is "Yes" then they both need to shut up soonest, otherwise they really are too stupid for help.

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