Friday, February 20, 2015

Two Weeks into The "MBTA Crisis"

and the broad parameters are there for all to see: The Governor is gonna rant and rave and rhetorically target the Carmen's Union and the T's Alleged Deadheadery. The Legislature is either gonna do nothing or sit thoughtfully as a few liberals from safe seats ineffectually lobby for increasing the MBTA's budget to meet the current maintenance and upgrade shortfall. This is otherwise a CLASSIC Beacon Hill Win-Win Situation, Both side's base are well secured, so everyone can do nothing and yet claim victory. And this will go on until the Red Line Caves In and your Humble Narrator and numberless others are buried in the rubble, in which case, The Whole Stupid Fandango will Start Up All Over Again. To put it bluntly the "Come to Jesus Moment" has officially come & gone ne'er to return. And I post this, not to wallow in snarkage or blogger outrage but to note that I seriously need to find a job wherein I can walk to work...Anyone Hiring Arlington? Anyone at All??

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