Thursday, February 12, 2015

It is Officially Charlie Baker's Problem Now...

Bev Scott having abruptly resigned as MBTA General Manager, the ball is officially in the Governor's court as to how the MBTA's many many problems are gonna get fixed. If Baker was smart (and he is, but he is also fatally ill tempered) he'd a left Scott in place til at least next summer and if she can get a handle on things great and if not, well he tried and the blame is all hers. Its sort of interesting to me, that Baker basically blew his stack real early in this crisis...doesn't take long to get on that Last Nerve Eh? Now the damn fool has to come up with a GM that can deliver....and if for some insane reason Baker offers the job to his old running mate Richard Tisei, I advise the Former State Senator to decline on any shopworn pretext available. Since the Governor has already defined the problem as one that does not require additional expenditures exactly how much anyone can hope from the next GM is open to question. Literally the Admin's argument seems to be that the MBTA, thirty year old trains and all has somehow been OverFunded all these years! I truly feel bad for the Bain Capitol Group Veep Baker hoodwinks into taking the job all that bluster about "managerial streamlining" and "Restructuring" won't survive the first derailment on the Red Line or another prolonged snow storm. Oh well so much for a "Come to Jesus Moment" on the MBTA eh?

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