Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So Brian Williams is suspected from NBC News for Six Months?

Apparently people are exercised about that fable the news anchor about coming under RPG attack while serving as a war correspondent in Iraq circa 2002. It is sort of understandable though, given the fact that sheer mendacity and delusion were served up as the pretexts for said war (in sworn testimony before the US Congress no less by Members of the President's Cabinet) Williams must of thought one little tall tale amidst so many could sneak by... But....historically, journalists are held to a higher standards than politicians and in the context of the times we live in, maybe thats a good thing. So believe me, I'm not inclined to defend Brian Williams although in a Platonic Universe controlled by Justice then SOMEONE might have held Ex President Bush accountable for those phantom weapons of mass destruction that he swore up and down Saddam Hussein was stockpiling.

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