Wednesday, July 01, 2015

For the moment I'm scoring Charlie Baker as a

squish on the subject of the Olympics. Oh don't get me wrong if the pro-game percentages were just a wee bit better he'd be banging the pots in the streets for the Olympics, but at the moment public opinion seems to restrain him. Although I suspect that in his heart of hearts he'd love to get behind the IOC bid, it's the just the sort of "innovative public private partner$hip that moderate republicans love, tax cuts galore and the tax payer doesn't get officially screwed until the Governor himself is long out of office. Moreover Joh Henry, owner of the Red Sox, The Boston Globe, Liverpool United and pumper of moderate republicanism would allegedly dearly love to get a soccer stadium in Boston as long as he doesn't have to pay for it. The IOC Bid will supposedly get Messr Henry his stadium, so there is that to consider as the governor mulls over and over and over his options. My gut is, Baker will come around on the Olympics sooner or later, thats a lot of Big Money Men on that committee and the few surviving moderate republicans out there have historically been great respecters of money although the polling could nose dive...if it doesn't this could turn into Baker versus Walsh. So far neither man has a natural advantage.

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