Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A couple of days ago...

The Reverend Mike Huckabee GOP Presidential Candidate asserted that the proposed Nuclear Agreement with Iran was tantamount to leading the State of Israel "to the doors of the oven". Rhetorical overkill? Sure... A Feckless Attempt to Outrant Trump? Assuredly Another failure of leadership in the GOP? Maybe Not. I could I suppose snark on about "the lack of grown ups" in the GOP who might restrain the Reverend's vituperative cataract....but lets face it, the leader's are a perfect reflection of the base and the GOP base is the problem. The base of the republican party has become intellectually corrupt to a profound and is also addicted in the psychological sense of the term to vicious authoritarian rhetoric. and like all addicts the Base needs bigger and badder doses in order to get off....Hence Trump and now Huckabee soon the whole sordid miserable rabble will be both escalating and enabling a sick degraded addicted base. If you don't believe me, consider the case of Mike Huckabee he was once, "approachable" maybe he couldn't be persuaded but he was at least willing to debate. Famously in 2008 he claimed to be a conservative who was not "mad at anyone" look at him blustery angry righteous, a ranter amidst ranters. This is what eight years of slavishly catering to the debauched vengeful whims of the Fox News viewership does to a Man's self respect, its made Huckabee into a humorless enabler. The rot it seems spreads from The Bottom Upwards. So what we have here is not a Leadership Crisis, its really a "followership" crisis....and it's a bad one that will get worse as we rattle on towards 2016.

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