Thursday, July 16, 2015

Texas is allegedly no longer

issuing birth certificates to the US Born offspring of illegal immigrants, this is of course in direct contravention of the United States Constitution. Its also a petty spiteful bullying act, something undertaken with the full truculent knowledge that the decision will be overturned by court now Texas has to be instructed by a Federal Judge to abide by the goddamned law. As I said, gruesome and beneath Texas' dignity as a big state with a big heart....Lyndon Johnson is spinning in his grave. Moreover if Texas isn't issuing birth certificates to infant children, isn't akin to saying the babies don't exist and were never born? Isn't this a sort of "administrative abortion" by State Fiat??? Does no one else SEE THIS??? And why then hasn't The Family Research Council Called in B-52 Airstrikes????

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