Thursday, July 09, 2015

Apparently the current budget

just passed on Beacon Hill grants the Governor expanded powers to explore privatization options at the MBTA. Oh...Yay. No for nothing but Keolis the much heralded contractor that administers the commuter rail system didn't exactly cover itself with glory this winter, in no wise did it outperform the MBTA. But sadly this is a state with a taste for homeopathic politics a stronger dose of what didn't work before will almost always cure the affliction or so goes Charlie Baker's thesis. Otherwise "privatization" is one of those words that will undoubtedly spark the unctuous condescending interest of pundits like Scot Lehigh over at the Boston Globe who is always looking for a rhetorical shiv to run between the ribs of public sector unions. As policy it likely won't deliver (other than an excuse not to spend the money) but as politics it likely has limitless potential to burnish Baker's cred as a moderate republican supermanager. Just remember that was Bobby Jindal's trip before the Xian Spirits of the Air got into him.....

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