Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Boston Globe is musing

that somehow Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's political cred was compromised by his on-and-off again thing for the defunct Olympics Bid. I don't think there is any downside to making The Right Decision, however long or by what route Mayor Walsh to got to said decision...The Globe doesn't get that because in it's institutional heart and soul they wanted the Olympics and couldn't care less the burden on the taxpayers, residents and commuters who'd have to put up with the damn thing. The Globe doesn't get that, clearly they are still stuck in a political social model where "community leaders" make huge decisions and private and then kid the public into acceptance passive or otherwise. It doesn't work like that anymore, thanks to social media we are all present and accounted for in real time to the big debate. And take it for me, this is pretty much a victory for the Little Guy over Big Money, I don't care how provincial it makes us look to Morrissey Blvd and clearly Mayor Walsh didn't give a rat's ass either when push came to shove. That is all the electorate cares about, results...everything else is snarky "inside baseball" of interest only to Boston Globe columnists who'll have to find something else to write about during the slow news months.

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