Saturday, July 11, 2015

The FBI might have eff'd up

Dylan Roof's firearms background check but lets not forget that the N.R.A. first convinced Roof that he NEEDED a firearm, his rights and personal safety depended on carrying that firearm AT ALL TIMES and that without it nameless hostile forces would kill him assuming they didn't attend to disarm him first by legislative fiat. Given that malign line of reasoning is it any wonder Dylan Roof selected a cohort least likely to return fire and then opted to shoot first? *** This is the real argument, why is it so damn important for the demonstrably paranoid Dylan Roof's of the world to be armed, permitted to strut around so armed and jacked up to the gills on inflammatory rubbish? But trust me that is one debate they will never have in South Carolina....glad they took down that wretched flag but that is mere symbolism which is all we are capable of these days so it seems.

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