Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Per the Boston Globe today....

And the MBTA's minimum basic maintenance needs have ballooned to about seven billion dollars up from an estimated five or so two years ago. The Baker Admin which has pretty much got control of the MBTA's Management has responded with....a sonorous rustling of...spreadsheets. Transport Secretary Pollock must be quietly regretting that burst of bipartisan good sistership that impelled her to take that on that thankless task. If I were her, I'd start polishing my resume, so far merely mentioning the term "public transportation revenues" causes the Admin to stiffen in sheer Victorian Horror. Moreover based on last winter's performance, Baker's go-to seems to be "declare defeat and get out", that goes for necessary expansions in MBTA service and soon enough it'll applied to the agency's critical maintenance needs. This is regardless of whatever fare increases Humble Elias will have to pay or any decline in service he will have to endure....frankly I should feel lucky if the Red Line doesn't cave in one crisp Monday Morning. Meanwhile...those spreadsheets rustle on....sweet music huh?

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