Monday, June 13, 2016

Another Domestic Terrorism Incident

Fifty Dead in Orlando Florida, at a gay club by some jobber who thought ISIS had it right.
Yipes....It still amazes me how the Taliban and ISIS are able to colonize and motivate self annihilatory killers purely thru the internet. The Alleged Perp was a native born US Citizen, colonized seemingly remotely.
The other aspect is that clearly this guy brought his homophobia to church so to speak, and the two simply mutually reinforced one another. If I had to hazard a guess I'm thinking "targeted microviolence" like this is likely the wave of the future as ISIS is slowly being ground down in Syria/Iraq they are are opting to activate cadres with limited homicidal objectives overseas utilizing the advantage of sheer surprise.
I can't speak to the "policy implications"....but it does point to the futility of "building a wall" or "Throwing them all out" a'la Donald Trump, these guys are expert recruiters of sleeper agents....

Last point, and its a labored on, Mateen got all his guns come we have a "no fly list" but do not have a "no buy list"?

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