Saturday, June 18, 2016

Brown For Veep

Trump's sudden nose-drive in the polls, coupled with his "no internal governor" speechmaking style seems to have severely restricted his Vice Presidential Prospects...or so it seems to me.
And then there is his famous narcissism and ego...can The Donald really tolerate having anyone of status or worth on his ticket?
Likely No.
There are a few twitchy bums out there he could dredge up Dr. Ben Carson or even Herman Cain...the likeliest self-loathing specimen Marco Rubio is pondering reelection this year a sure sign he thinks Trump is bound for disaster and than he should wait for the Wheel of Destiny to stop spinning from a comfy perch in the US Senate.
So I'm thinking, Trump might be looking at someone like NH's Most Famous Carpetbagger, Scott Brown as his Veep.
Brown's chief qualification he is stupid enough to run for Vice President on a ticket headed by Donald Trump.....
Considering the GOP seems on the verge of going up in flaming chunks this is no small consideration.
Brown is also from a swing state and an "empty suit" of such vacuity as to suggest one of the pale grinning semi teachables that used to compete on "The Apprentice" before that show went all Hollywood.
Of course Brown likely doesn't have a dime to his name, and his fundraising potential has to be classed as minimal and the spectacle of a twice defeated senatorial candidate for Veep has to be a sad commentary on the Decline of Movement Conservatism in the USA....but what the hell Scott Brown beats nominating Gary Bauer or Wally George or Penn Gillette....but not by much he don't...

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