Monday, June 06, 2016

David French is Out....

Bill Kristol's Big Bad Anti Trump Doomsday Candidate bailed before he could announce....and yes the best Kristol could do really was an obscure scribbler for the National Review.
If that ain't rock bottom for the GOP Anti-Trumps then truly what is?
The dirty secret of Movement Conservatism in the USA is that is a degraded and decadent phenom, a lot of pampered political sissies like Mitt Romney have been lazing around the "conservative echo chamber" for decades now just waiting for their next appearance on Fox News.  Against a brutal competitor like Donald Trump they are helpless, they don't have the real courage they constantly invoke against the democrats to make a real stand....they don't wanna get ejected from that oh so comfortable conservative echo chamber with all it's financial benefits.
So it's easy to see why the GOP is rallying around or lose they don't wanna lose that soft touch....its become too easy to be a conservative in the USA and that makes them prey for a demagogue a'la The Donald.
My question is, did Bill Kristol call up Former Seantor James Webb? Remember him he was running as a democrat with Lincoln Chaffee and the other cheap acts some eight months ago until sheer futility and penury drove him out of the race. Webb made some third party noises for about two weeks thereafter and then...silence.
Did Kristol contact Webb?
Cuz I'd take a dissident conservative democrat over a nonentity like David French any day of the week....or is a conservative democrat simply too moderate a specimen for today's decadent conservative movement?
Sheer speculation on my part I know....I doubt Kristol ever recalled Webb's departure from the race to begin with....oh irony...oh obscurity.

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