Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Liz Don't Inhale....

Lotsa smoke is being blown in Senior Senator Warren's face these days over the Vice Presidential Slot with Hillary Clinton....I urge caution and introspection here.
We don't need another kamikaze candidacy from Massachusetts is all I am saying, we've endured five of them so far in the span of my lifetime none of them finished in the money.
And besides, two women on the ticket...it seems risky to me, and I'll stand for any snark about sexism and paternalism inherent in that notion.
Warren must either be polling like a Mofo (the core attribute of all Vice Presidential Nominees these days) or else the split with Sanders must be even more toxic than we realize....either way, Warren should definitely remove herself from consideration.
Besides, we don't wanna fight another senatorial special election in this state prior to 2018, it'll dry up fundraising and said election will only be to the advantage to the currently poll-bouyant Governor Baker.
Don't do it Liz, ultimately its up to Bernie and Hillary to patch up their differences and Save the Republic....no Vice Presidential Nominee can do that at the end of the day.

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