Monday, June 27, 2016

Now Scotland wants another go at Independence

and there was wild talk in Belfast about a union with the Irish Republic all to keep themselves safely inside the E.U.
That is of course assuming the European Union even survives the current crisis...and it may not.
And if it does not, then let that be a global lesson in political science 101, that no exclusive economic combination long survives without thorough political arrangements.  Literally the E.U. was a huge economic bureaucracy answerable to no executive or true legislative authority....seen in that light it seems bound for failure since constituents will bail or make better more advantageous arrangements as soon they no longer extract benefit from said economic combination.
In short politics will always supercede economics, "Brexit" is the perfect case study on that topic.
And in a larger sense, twenty eight sovereign nations (many of which are democracies) do not willingly submit to an outside executive save by right of conquest....and the EU ain't conquering nothing.
The EU might survive it'll have to scale back it's scope and make some hard decisions on the refugee issue and kill England with kindness without granting them any undeserved perks....but all that will require some wise heads at the top and of that I am not so sure.

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