Friday, April 07, 2017

A Clintonesque Cruise Missile Cannonade

on Syria, undertaken for the usual feckless impulsive reasons by President Trump....all on behalf of a benighted and oppressed people he has been trying to exclude from the USA since he was sworn in.
Why else would Assad use nerve gas on those poor bastards? Hell we practically waved him in, last week Trump said we were resigned to The Supreme Opthalmolocrat's Hold on Power in Damascus...after all Assad is only nerve gasing people the US President hates and fears.  I myself can't believe this atrocity was undertaken without Russian connivance and tacit approval...because for the moment it'll bolster the Q Rating of their Mark in the White House and make Assad all the more dependent on Moscow...if such a thing is possible, advantage, Putin, IMHO.
Hell we daintily warned the Russians the missiles were coming via the hotline and their response was entirely Macchiavellian, they are now gonna help strengthen Syrian defense to prevent such attacks in the future.
Again, advantage Putin he must be laughing at us right now.

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