Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Something worth remembering in respect of the Middlesex #4 Special State Senate Election...

Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey has had the advantage of occupying the safest seat in the Great & General Court, but he hasn't had to fight a seriously contested general election at all for the span of his incumbency.  But then I can say that about almost any other democrat currently tempted to pile into the all and sundry are hereby admonished to drop any notions that "nomination is tantamount to election".
That push poll yesterday (via phone) was a clear early warning to democrats that the GOP plans to drop some money and effort into this race, indeed its the only game in town at the moment, Charlie Baker has plenty of money on hand and knows where to find more. Flipping  a State Senate Seat is a way to get toned up for 2018...don't laugh Scott Brown got in thru a special very certainly can happen here.

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