Monday, April 03, 2017

Sad News from the Fourth Middlesex,

Of the untimely death of State Senator Kenneth Donnelly of Arlington after a long battle with cancer.  In life he was a loud unreconstructed Hubert Humphrey style democrat, unabashedly liberal, fond of labor unions, a tireless advocate for every dispossessed and downtrodden citizen on the map and a "gem of a man" or so it was said up and down Arlington.  He will be missed very dearly, he was a former firefighter and cancer that pitiless slayer of firemen finally got him.  If some good comes of this tragedy then if might issue from an increased awareness of the special carcinogenic risks run by firefighters nationwide.
He was a friendly man, avuncular, never anything but honest and aboveboard in all his personal dealings with me, his staff rendered yeoman service to my family when my late father needed full time care outside the home.  Would that fate had been more discriminating.

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