Tuesday, April 18, 2017

An outfit called "MRC" has started push polling

the 4th Middlesex State Senate District not even 2 hours after democrat and Arlington State Rep Sean Garballey announced for the Late Ken Donnelly's vacant seat!  Said poll heavily trafficked Garballey's name and cited an alleged vote to make Massachusetts a "sanctuary state" (which it has been since the Revolutionary War as far as I am concerned) as well as his supposed support of the recent legislative pay raise.
Wow that was quick...This isn't the first time the Fourth Middlesex was push-polled on behalf of the GOP, the Late Ken Donnelly was similarly trafficked last fall on the road to an Easy Win in November.
In sum is it possible the GOP or any of it's outliers think they can do business in one of the democratic party's allegedly safest seats?
Maybe they do, or maybe they just have no other outlet for their mischief this year, either way local democrats should take heed.

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