Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Bill O'Reilly

is finally coming under some serious advertising pressure after seemingly years of alleged sexual harrassment allegations.  Mercedes Benz has dumped his ass on Fox News and some other outfits have similarly bailed.  "Weaponizing Shame" is always a cumbersome and time consuming option when it comes to an odious hypocrite especially one who preaches patriarchy & puritanism and practices insolent has been alleged with regards to O'Reilly. In fact, its a shaming process that usually only works when a great deal of money is either taken off the table or is profligately spent to crush a target in the court of public opinion.
Left unaddressed is the larger issue that Fox News is clearly a sort of a wingnut wet-tee-shirt contest run by gruesome old oinkers who use leggy news readers as cannon fodder to hook in an aging & belligerant audience. Which is only the physical manifestation of an even larger issue that  a captioned wingnut can preach puritanism and live debauchery for years and get paid for it and never get called to account unless someone is willing to devout time and money to shaming them.
Meanwhile the rest of the hypocrite disport like Satyrs loose among the virgins....color me unimpressed and weary of the whole farce. If O'Reilly goes down great, but there is a worse sexist twerp waiting in the wings for his "big chance"...

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