Thursday, April 13, 2017

I see Governor Baker

To a seventy five percent approval rating.  This in the teeth of an intractable opioid crisis, our increasingly dilapidated state infrastructure, and MBTA held together by luck & chicken wire, the usual unimpressive appointments and Baker's own intangible status as a political mule with no natural constituency within the GOP to speak of.
But Charlie Baker is good at framing the debate in terms of a low set bar, there he is truly a genius, people expect little of him, he delivers still less and his polling skyrockets.
Sooner or later though, that low bar gets raised, suddenly, and then politicians like Baker are in trouble...but that requires events to take a hand, and so far, events have favored Baker. Again that can change in an instant, the MBTA could have a catastrophic foul-up, Donald Trump could decide to make an example of him...any number of things. And keep in mind...things are not quite going Charlie's way despite his polling, I think for example The Governor would Piss on a Live Sparkplug to keep Geoff Diehl OFF the GOP senatorial primary ballot....he must have legit nightmares of Trump coming to campaign for his favorite local apologist maybe a nice campaign event on campus somewheres....
But we as democrats and liberals can't let events dictate our decisions we must make the best fight we can polls or no polls with a united integrated effort everywhere....strength in numbers, strength in depth is the only way forward.

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