Friday, June 22, 2018

The current estimated cost of the fabled...

"North South Rail Link" in Boston is roughly twenty one billion dollars or the cost of three Zumwalt Class Guided Missile Destroyers.
Currently, one risks temporary deafness from the crickets chirping all over Beacon Hill with respect to this particular project, our Governor Charlie "Lumpy" Baker is admittedly a cheap bastard with a pervy penchant for privatization, but hell someone ought to speak up in the Legislature...someone..anyone!
I see their problem in the Lege, they're phobic about initiating a big expensive project in an election year with a famously shoddy cheap-ass governor in office...hell no one will even propose talks about the north south rail President Trump so often tweets, "sad".
You'd think this might be the sort of public works project the Admin might get behind, but it's public transport remember the Regime on the Potomac believes only in valet parking and dedicated lanes on super highways for limos. Anyway, when is the last time Trump tweeted out the word "infrastructure"?  His enablers/sitters in Congress would have a collective stroke.
Its sad because that rail link is desperately needed, would improve commuter-rail performance literally up and down the North East Corridor and just possibly open up the "Massachusetts Expat Barracks Towns"  of South NH to decent public transportation at long last.
But all this is sensible, and alas we don't live in sensible times.

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