Friday, June 08, 2018

You Still Think that

Charlie Baker has been a swell Governor and well deserving of his seventy percent approval rating?

Then please note:

The MBTA is one yank of the emergency brake away from a shutdown that'll paralyze the Red Blue or Orange Lines for hours, with no resolution in sight by the way. The Baker Admin's Public Transportation Plan seems to consist of buying band aids whole sale.

The State Police are being investigated by the feds for cheap ass chiseling that would bring a blush of shame to a Louisiana ward heeler.

The wait time at the RMV to renew licenses has grown to an impossible four and a half full hours with no end in sight and no remediation planned either.

Oh and this is the Managerial Supergenius Governor who still wants to passive aggressively privatize the schoole system (the only word in the english language that stimulates Charlie Baker in any way is "privatization") and don't mention the word "Trump" to the Governor he immediately hides under the bed and won't come out unless coaxed by a fresh spreadsheet.

All this can be conceptualized as a "good job" only if we've degraded performance standards past all meaning, if this is good governance I'd hate to see what flagrant ineptitude and corruption looks like.

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