Friday, July 23, 2004

All I can say is...

does Dick Cheney know?
That the President okayed the sale of US arms to Iraq's new "government" last week? This is the same peaceful democratic Iraq that has risen up in guerilla warfare against us and our so called coalition. Given the fluid nature of Iraqi politics at this point is this a good idea?
Just how many of those M-16's and mortars will soon be in the hands of Sadr's gang or the god damned Fedayeen?
Well, if Dick doesn't know then he needs to crawl out of the anti-environment bunker he has been hiding in and start rifling through the President's "in-box" before GWB gets up in the morning.
This mishaugas sounds like the last deathless charge of the admin neo-cons...y'know buy the wog's loyalty by giving them rifles and other deadly trinkets. Given the fact that Iraq is already awash in portable weaponry one doubts these new arms sales will produce much in the way of gratitude.
Our troops still lack body armor and hummers with bulletproof doors...but we are still gonna sell the Iraqis brand new machine guns and TOW missiles.
Beautiful...just beautiful.
The only question in my mind is, which member of GWB's wealthy "pioneers" fund-raising cabal is going to profit from these arms sales?
Cause you just know someone somewhere who has made a cash contribution to Bush's campaign stands to make a fortune off this deal. Anything this crazy and dangerous inevitably profits one or another of the usual suspects.


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