Monday, July 12, 2004

Six question to think about as mid summer looms:

6) Why does Joe Lawless still have a job and Ardith Wieworka but none?

5.) Will America ever tire of Howard Fineman's snarky, mincing, condescending tone?

4.) Does Jimmy Kimmel get the worst guests on his talk show or what?

3.) Does anyone out there know what Tagg Romney really does at the State Republican Committee that couldn't be done much cheaper by an intern from Umass?

2.) Whatever happened to Zack Spilman, the kid who dressed up as a dinosaur and haunted all of Shannon O'Brien's rallies in 2002? Has Governor Decaf recruited him for a state legislative race this fall?

1.) Will the City of Cambridge ever finish it's seemingly endless round of repairs to Cambridge Street?

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