Monday, January 03, 2005

Fineman on Imus this morning...

Humble Elias declined his usual morning bracer of tea and an old Hollywood movie on VHS and instead opted for the Imus in the Morning simulcast on MSNBC. And as luck would have it Newsweek's Howard Fineman was on. One can tell immediately that its Fineman because of his whiny,servile, and wheedling tone. Imus as usual sounded drunk and surly dismissing his "friend" John Kerry as a "phony"...Fineman inhaled manfully and said "Yeah". So having branded Senator Kerry a phony (and thus putting him beyond the radio talk show pale) Imus and Fineman proceeded to discuss Jeb Bush's tour of Asian tsunami damage without ONCE mentioning the Florida Governor and heir presumptive's ambitions for high office.
In short it was a vintage Fineman appearance on Imus-Don said "shit" and Howard like a properly trained media whore said "what color?"
BTW, Imus looks perfectly ghastly these days, there are zombies in the "Dawn of the Dead" remake who are more cogent and engaged than he. His thousand yard stare makes a horrible impression on early morning cable TV. Humble Elias suspects the talk show tyrant is holding on for dear life anticipating the development of "Futurama" style head preservation technology. His noggin can then float in some clear ichor forever, survive on fish food, and opine on the radio until the flaming end on time itself.
Meanwhile, this afternoon, right after lunch we found the SAME Howard Fineman on the "Al Franken Show" on Air America, opining in confy terms not unwelcome to any liberal blogger. The man is a freeper in the morning and a friend of Al's by the time afternoon rolls around. A most curious way to do business.

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