Friday, January 21, 2005

Toy Michael departs

Michael Powell, the son of the outgoing Secretary of State is stepping down as F.C.C. Chairman.
Well, from a freeper perspective, its a job well done. He took a drowsy regulatory agency and turned it into a sort of Heritage Foundation wet dream; a bureau with vast ill defined police powers over free speech and yet pleasingly shorn of any authority over the concentration of media power into ever fewer hands. His policy was, "Plutocracy yes, Piss jokes NO!"
Never has one man made it so easy for U.S. wowserdom to punish those whose language doesn't meet the standards of a Benny Hinn revival. In the end, Powell was the worst sort of bully, a spineless one. Ten letters from a Baptist Church was enough to incite an investigation on a good day. Creeps like Radical Cleric James Dobson and Brent Bozell Junyer said "sheee-it", and Powell quavered "what color sir?"
Now Michael can now take his precious rolodex, pregnant with lucrative contact,s and after a short stint in some non profit foundation can restart his career as a member of the genuine parasite class ergo a lobbyist. The rest of us, can apparently go hang from the remnants of the first amendment Michael Powell helped to shred.

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