Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Bonfire of the Inanities

Peter Canellos' Column in Today's Globe makes the utterly asinine argument that Jeff Gannon's exposure as a rightical chic sycophant is somehow morally equivalent to the Swift Boat Veterans jacking up John Kerry.

Moreover he accuses the "blogosphere" of harping on the issue past all endurance. Canellos is bumptiously content with the White Houses protestations of innocence in this matter.
Peter thinks the whole thing is overblown - he is of course wrong.
The blogosphere is all over this story for better or worse precisely because the Peter Canellos' of this world don't do their jobs, don't do the checking and don't ask the hard questions.
Since they've abrogated their responsiblity, the whole thing has landed by default in the laps of incendiaries and amateurs such as myself.

The whole of the Federal Executive Department is seemingly flummoxed as to how a professional ass licker with no credentials got daily access to the White House press room and beyond.
Given the rise of toady culture in the Capitol the whole thing sounds like a story to me!


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