Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rev. Thomas J. Reese...

the painfully middle-of-the-road Jesuit Editor of "America" magazine has been deposed from his sinecure by "da hully fadda ah pope".
This is nothing but a strong dose of castor oil from the Vatican for America's liberal catholics...the message being "look what we are doing to the moderates...you my fine boyos are NEXT!"
Well what can I say, its a world of vengeance these days for the transnational conservative aristocracy...and getting more vengeful all the time.
The Reverend Richard John Neuhaus, Editor of the ultra rightist catholic journal "First Things" could hardly restrain his spiteful triumphalism when quoted in the Globe today:
''A lot of people were unhappy with America, including people in Rome," said the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, editor of First Things, a New York-based journal on religion. He said he knew many Catholics, including bishops, who were unhappy with Reese's stewardship of America, which, he said, ''had kind of a carping attitude toward the pontificate of John Paul II."

''Just as you don't expect Planned Parenthood to give a platform to the prolife position, there's no reason why a Catholic journal should provide a platform for positions that are clearly contrary to those of the church, and that was an editorial error that caused Tom a lot of trouble," Neuhaus said.

And so it goes.
Clearly though, Morrissey Boulevard has taken the Papal Admonition to report catholic related news with dignity to heart, nowhere in the above article does anyone mention "First Things" habit of musing dreamily about a conservative "Revolution" in America.
Apparently the free-est nation on earth for religions and religious people, a nation that let the sorry likes of both Jim Jones and Monsignor Feeney preach and organize unmolested, isn't free enough for the morbid likes of the Reverend Neuhaus.


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