Tuesday, May 24, 2005

There is a kind of ugly churlishness

that periodically breaks out on the Boston Globe's Op Ed Pages. It come from having nowhere to go and nothing to do except churn out your twice-a-week and cash your check. They all suffer from it, some worse than others.
Today for example, precious column space is given over to a earnest defense of the filibuster and the rights of the minority party on Capitol Hill by Senator Kerry. Meanwhile not six inches away, Joan Vennochi can be found calling the Junior Senator from Massachusetts timid,weak, indecisive and a host of other epithets.

Gosh all fish hooks how do you suppose that ever happened???
The Globe has to work hard in this town, if they have to, they'll trip a man first before they kick him when he is down.

Ghod what bunch of dreary unreadable pro-praetorian neocon hacks! There isn't a single columnist of the first rank to be found anywhere in the paper. I wouldn't mind it so much but none of them have anything to say to people like me We are as a group so completely taken for granted that we can be treated with all the disdain the Globe usually reseves for John Kerry.


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