Sunday, May 22, 2005

'When it comes to gay marriage...

call me anything but don't call me hateful' or so the logic runs in Jeff Jacoby's current column in the Boston Sunday Globe.
Cuz...cuz...cuz...if we do Jeff will just take his laptop and go home thank you very very much.
It seems to me that Jeff is less interested in the rules of debate and more intent on delineating the entirely superfluous circumstances under which he will (inevitably) abandon rational discussion in a huff.
Mind you, so far, no one has called Jeff hateful or a hater.
At least no one of any consequence in what otherwise seems to be a very sheltered op-ed existence.
You can call Jeff Jacoby, naive, churlish, pompous,vain, shallow, arrogant, gruesomely sentimental craven and or blustery....but not hateful.
Jeff's staunch desire to avoid the hateful tag is a tad ironic given the fact he was practically celebrating his hatred of PLO Chairman Arafat when that clown went for his terminal dirt nap.
So as always and in the end, it is mere matter of who gets hated and as long as the likes of Jeff Jacoby gets to draw up those lists everything will be fine.

Jeff acts like its the worst thing in the world to be called hateful.

I suppose that can sting, but I wonder how long he'd last if people routinely called him a traitor and a coward?

Hell I don't even know why Jeff wants to set terms anyway...we hardly have anything resembling rational debate or argument in this country anymore. Everything is poll driven, agenda controlled and dominated by the mad desire to get, retain and expand power.
With deception built into the process we've become a nation of spin doctors and propagandists. How something as fragile as mere debate about gay marriage or whatever can be engineered under the circumstances I do not know.

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