The Chimes at Midnight
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Scot Lehigh apparently thinks
that Mitt Romney's decision to open Camp Edwards on the Cape to Hurricane Katrina refugees is a humanitarian triumph on a par with the Berlin Airlift.
Frankly this is yet another example of Lehigh's compulsive and shrill bar-lowering on behalf of the Romney regime. Hell, opening up state property to natural disaster victims ought to be a no-brainer to even the most corrupt and inept bureaucracies...the whole thing can be accomplished at the push of a button, especially in Massachusetts which is prone to the occasional hurricane!.
Not to Scot though, the whole thing is a victory for Mitt's dashing private sector values...ghod you can hear Scot sighing like a bobbysoxer in every paragraph.
Well, what of it?
Scot has found his own grinning godling and doesn't care a whit what people think when he grovels and renders homage....we have to accept that.

Mitt (may I call you Mitt?), if by some miracle you are reading this, when it comes time to run in 2008, and that time is soon upon us I know, please take Scot Lehigh with you into the snows and hollows of New Hampshire.
By some mysterious sycophantic alchemy, Scot Lehigh has become Waylon Smithers to your Mister Burns... and as such the poor man is simply ruined for anything so mundane as a sensible political commentary.
Take him, Willard, Scot Lehigh is truly your man in every way.
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