Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fifteen al

Yesterday Scot Lehigh made an "impassioned" pleas for the democrats to set aside their fifteen percent rule to permit gubernatorial candidate Chris Gabrieli access to the primary ballot. Scot blathers about on about democracy and fairness but as usual his motivations are suspect.
He, Brian McGrory and Spiteful Joanie Vennochi among others have a vested interest in a bloody fight in the September primary so that in turn they will have an excuse to annoint Kerry Healey as the moderate messiah of the GOP.

Otherwise it seems to me that the fifteen percent rule was enacted as a minimal deterrent to the likes of Lyndon Larouche, Jill Stein or the Reverend Gerald L.K. Smith to prevent them from parachuting in and embarrassing the party at a critical juncture.
Humble Elias regrets that Chris Gabrieli may not make the final cut today, but he knew the risks when he got in late. Changing the rules after the fact sort of defeats the core reasoning behind the statute.

Nevertheless we will see, Humble Elias still thinks it difficult for Patrick to pull in 70% of the delegate votes in order to squeeze Gabrieli out.

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