Thursday, June 08, 2006

Who the hell is John J. Sullivan?

Because according to, Crazy Christy Mihos has plucked him out of obscurity to be his running mate on an independent gubernatorial ticket this fall.
Now, the article mentioned that Sullivan was town moderator in Winchester and a local banker...also a former democrat.

Yeah, but at least Sullivan got elected to something even if its a minor town meeting based sinecure, that is way more than Kerry Healey could say prior to 2002.

Beyond that, Humble Elias has nuthin' on th' guy.

Truth be told, Sullivan is both unknown and inevitable...the rules are that one must be a registered independent prior to January of an election year to qualify for a third party ballot in Massachusetts. So right away the pool of potential candidates was pretty thin.

I guess Krypto the Superdog is a democrat or an out of state resident after all...oh well maybe Christy can still whistle stop the Commonwealth this fall in his personal Flash Gordon style rocketship.

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