Sunday, April 29, 2012

As ideological warfare goes

railing against Scott Brown's blatant pension mongering in the National Guard, is likely a non starter.
Just as railing against George Bush Jr's farcical service in the Texas Air National Guard was a non starter...Just as Fearless-Fosdicking Bill Clinton's draft evasion went nowhere in the weary wicked end.
Don't kid yourselves though, this does not mean we have put aside veteran's status as a qualification for office, tell that to John Kerry and miserable bastards who produced those Purple Heart embossed band aids at the 2004 RNC if you don't believe me.
My point is, it is hard to belabor a republican about their service to the colors or lack thereof, they have a variety of defense mechanisms to cope with this, chief among them questioning the loyalty and patriotism of their antagonists ad infinitum.
But in Scott Brown's case Humble Elias will soldier on regardless, the issue is personal, I know a few too many disabled veterans with thin pensions and few prospects and the notion that Scott is about to take to the stump in his camies, Bird Colonel's Hat and nice fat pension clutched in his manicured hand is simply too galling for words.
I know the issue doesn't carry very far and I do not care one whit.

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