Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Citizen Warren has

raised some nine millions of dollars in the last fundraising quarter.

So it would appear she will at least have cash-parity with Former State Senator Scott Brown come the general election, assuming of course that Citizen Warren is in fact the democratic nominee for the US Senate.
per Joan Vennochi, Warren may not have "a clue", but Professor sure does know how to fundraise like a sumbitch.
Well to my mind all this points to, is that this is gonna be a very hard frought campaign that will likely go down to the wire come election night. A lot will turn on organizational strength, advertising, "message", debate performance, the innate qualities of the candidates and it will be a precinct by precinct fight, house to house quite literally.
I think this one is gonna eclipse Weld-Kerry quite frankly.
No one is gonna win this in a walk...Best to sharpen your assegai & buff up shield, yer gonna need them.

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