Friday, April 27, 2012

Jacoby Pranged...

Jeff Jacoby's the Globe's resident Conservative Pundit, comes in for some hard use over on the Mass Political Profs blog.

I admit a complicated mindset where Jeff is concerned, he is a terribly earnest wingnut and he routinely distorts the facts in a wild rush to sink his claws into some democrat he dislikes...on the other hand being Morrissey Blvd's pet freeper can't be a fun gig. Not when you can see how far and how high some of the ranters and blusterers at the Herald go.
That lot come in for cush radio and cable gigs and get all sorts of push on the Front Page, and there is Jeff moldering away on the Globe's op ed page manfully defending the Augusta National's "right" to exclude skirts-n-frails.
In all a disheartening experience.

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