Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tim Cahill Indicted...

Former State Treasurer and Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Cahill has been indicted for misuse of public funds relating to a lottery tv commercial campaign that went all up suspiciously late in the 2010 general election.
Honestly, what is it in the water at the Treasurer's Office that makes people think they can get away with rubbish like this?

All I know about Tim Cahill is that then and now, he is one of those Massachusetts Pols whom you cannot tell a thing, he knows everthing.
Now look at him, pleading Not Guilty.
A series of very bad decisions in careful sequence are what brought Cahill to this pretty pass, he wanted to challenge Deval Patrick in the 2010 gubernatorial primary but lacking support for that idea he broke ranks  & ran as a independent on the somewhat dubious notion that as a conservative democrat he could deny Patrick re-election.
Now for a few weeks in the summer of 2010 Cahill was riding high in a few polls but he was short on money, volunteers and luck. The RGA carved him up hard in a TV commercial campaign against which Cahill had no defense lacking money for big ad buys.
By the end of the summer he was mired in the low teens & sucking votes away from Baker, in other words Cahill had accomplished the exact opposite of everthing he set out to do.
By the time of the sad and pathetic "Loscocco Affair" destiny had deserted the State Treasurer...everyone else knew except him though.
Then came those lottery adverts thence to the hills of Waterloo.
And all of this because Tim Cahill was too impatient to wait until 2014 to try his luck as a Gubernatorial candidate.
If the God Damned Fool had just bided his time, run for re-election as Treasurer kept his pie hole shut he'd likely be an early front runner for 2014 given Tim Murray's current political woes.
But oh no, you can't tell Tim Cahill a thing!
There is a lugubrious tendency among the punditariat, to which even Humble Elias is prey, to chalk up the fall of a politician to Shakespearean hubris.
Sadly, Tim Cahill doesn't rise to that level of tragedy.
He is rather a monument to the notion that there is an obvious self inflicted cost to not taking Governor Patrick at his word when he says he will serve out his term and run for re-election then serve that term out.

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