Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Grief

But Former GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman wants to run on the Third Partei Ticket so badly He Can Taste It.
But for some reason he just won't pull the trigger, perhaps the infrastructure isn't there, the fundraising too daunting...maybe his hair is still wet, who knows?
We as Humble Elias has said before, for all the discontent out therethat the punditariat continually flags, it doesn't seem like the right year for an insurgent third partei candidacy.
Its an intangible thing to be sure, seems like everyone bluster bravado and resentment has a legit means of expression.
Meanwhile, Huntsman's discontent is fast becoming the GOP's version of Joe Lieberman, someone who has little good to say about his own party at any given time.
However I doubt he will act out on any of this, there is a passive aggressive quality to Jon Huntsman that will in the end inhibit any action on his part.
However, Gary Johnson has bailed on the GOP entirely, and is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination...
And Buddy Roemer has got his thumb out as well.
None of these guys are gonna go anywhere electorally, if Gary Johnson hangs in there til November he won't register for even five percent of the vote...the energy just isn't there.

Nonetheless it is a bad primary process that breeds so many bolters, splitters and would be insurgents...Word to Mitt Romney dawg.