Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Lifetime of Groveling and Toadying...

Kissing the booted feet of everyone from Ronald Reagan to George Bush Jr, and what does Utah GOP Senator have to show for it?
He is being "primaried" by the local Tea Partei.
Yeah they've got some young miserable ideological robot to run against Orrin and his ever quivering jowls on the notion that there is not enough partisan rancor in Washington DC.
Well this simply illustrates the almighty self destructiveness of the Tea Partei, they will destroy the US Constitution to get at Barack Obama, failing that they will fall into impotent Viking berserker frenzy and go after a cowardly useless milksop like Orrin Hatch.
With a little effort the Tea Partei could easily bend Orrin Hatch to their will, the man is not noted for his political fortitude, but no, they are mad dog desperate to put the bite on someone, anyone....even a fellow conservative.
As nasty and hypocritical as the Tea Partei is, I'm beginning to think they are a bigger threat to the GOP than they are to the democrats.
Lets hope for once, Humble Elias is right.