Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Certain Columnist in Today's Sunday Globe

asserted dreamily that Mitt Romney might win in 2016 if he ran as a "Moderate Republican". Never mind the fact that Mitt Romney if he ran would have his living guts torn out by Jeb Bush, never mind the plain fact that a person who is even mildly pro-Darwin in terms of natural selection CANNOT be nominated by the GOP any forget all that, when is someone gonna finally get up the courage to tell the Boston Globe that Moderate Republicanism has been dead for twenty years? Anyone? Anyone at all? PLEASE??? You see this is the reason why I didn't want Charlie Baker to win, it only enables the Boston Globe to go on fortifying it's debilitating institutional fantasy that moderate republicanism lives and is a power sufficient to invite bargaining in good faith. Hey listen I'm the white liberal in this fight, I'd love to live in a world where there was a place at the table for the John Volpes and Kenneth Keatings of the GOP but those days are over, Reagan, La Famiglia Arbusto & the Family Research Council KILLED moderate republicanism dead! No amount of denial, delusion and projection is ever gonna change that fact. Maybe someday on the other side of all this gruesome political excess there will be new era of bipartisanship and a flowering of moderate republicanism...but likely none of this will happen in the span of our lifetimes. I do not say that because I am somehow invested in perpetuating the current system which is corrupt and intellectually dishonest but wallowing in delusion is no adequate response in any manner shape or form. Seriously, The Boston Globe needs to wake up and instead of running some breathless "DEATH OF LIBERALISM" obit every time some democrat gets defeated out in Lower Slobovia....maybe someone down on Morrissey Blvd can push away from their desk, think and little bit a give us a genuinely thoughtful piece on the Death of Moderate Republicanism. is needed.

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